Good day, so it’s been just a tad informational around here the past couple of days. We’ve been looking at some recent innovations with the architecture around the cool city that is Glasgow, Scotland. Having taken a trip some years ago, I thought it would be cool to re-visit some old friends that I had met from here who used to study at the School of Art introduced to I by my ex-girlfirend (fun times I really kid you not). So we took the usual tour around the city visiting the churches, the recent transport museum and also some other museums, shops, clubs and pubs. Glasgow is a really cool and vibrant city with lots of life, style and design features that are very hard not to miss. It’s different to England in so many ways, yet somehow still has a lot of relevance with one another. The people are slightly different in the way they talk, however the United Kingdom people as a whole share very similar traits.

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But anyways, aside from my analysis of people. This post is really about the inspiration that I’ve picked up along the way in this cool city. I must say that the shops in Glasgow are awesome and you can pretty much find anything here if you look in the right places. We found a little place that sold some army surplus that was just about 5 mins from the centre of town. I’ve always enjoyed the style and practicality of military design, the way it is crude yet built just for purpose. There’s a lot to be said about military design and the current trends of tower-block buildings, the way we are all crammed into a small space – as city dwellers being one myself, it seems we just find design and style in the hardiest and concrete of places.

I also visited the transport museum which had some nice cars, buses and other old vintage vehicles. However, the thing that caught my attention most in terms of style and design was when it came to the Old Glasgow trams. I mean these things were super cool, classy and fundamentally different to anything else on display in the museum. There was videos of the old Trams in operation and you could see how Glasgow used to be. They had made the museum quite nice and the museum itself is a piece of architecture made by one of my favourites Zaha Hadid, so it was definitely on my to do list whilst there. But having been to the museum and seeing the things inside, I was definitely more interested in the stuff inside the musuem rather than out.

Coming onto the nightlife on glasgow, we were recommend by the people from Goarmy, go and visit Subclub for some nice techno and house music. Taking a trip on the train towards town was very cool as we got to see the inner workings of the city. It was a nice trip throughout and I really enjoyed myself and hope to visit again, my three day trip just wasn’t enough to satisfy my inspirational thirst.

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