The first rule to becoming a successful online poker player consists of improving your ability to control the psychological aspect of the game. To gain the upper hand in Internet poker games, it is crucial to know how your opponents perceive you right from the start and give them the impression that they are the ones pulling all the strings and you are nothing but an unsuspecting victim. When your opponents underestimate you and the way you play poker, rest assured that they will become complacent and more error-prone, thus allowing you to speculate their mistakes when the right time comes along.

To have no problem in outwitting other players and to quickly find out when you are taken for an easy target, the following is a selection of valuable tips you can use.

The best indicator that you might be perceived as a rookie sets in when everyone seems exaggeratedly kind, polite and accommodating to you. This is an old trick of keeping inexperienced players engaged in Internet poker games for longer, while the seasoned players are making their move and ripping them off. However, if you are up to your opponents’ trick and manage to give them a false impression about your poker playing abilities, then you can try to play them with their own weapons — learn more about online gambling betting tips.

Another good indicator that you are seen as a target is when the game fills rapidly with players as soon as you show up at the poker table. Always be on the lookout for such signs, and when something seems wrong, either withdraw from the poker game or keep your wits about you and try to turn the situation to your advantage.

Learning proven poker strategies eventually pay off

Although most people with a special taste for Internet poker might tell you that learning from books is nothing more than a waste of time, know that the real good players are permanently looking to refine their poker strategies and are aware that the best way to gain knowledge on the game is by hitting the books. However, if you really detest reading or simply don’t have the time to gather the information you need from written text materials, don’t despair – you can always choose the lazy man’s approach and get poker tutorials in the form of videos and dedicated DVDs. In addition, it might be useful for you to confront the information you acquire against the opinions of other Internet poker players via specialized forums or other online resources.

Manage your poker game budget in an efficient manner

Regardless of the size of your poker budget, it is vital to determine how much you can afford to gamble at the poker table and learn to avoid trying your hand at too many poker games at once to minimize the risk of going broke. Try to set up a weekly or monthly poker budget, mainly go for the poker games with balanced odds and stakes, and learn to turn away from the poker table when you become entangled or risk entering a devastating losing spree. Whenever you feel you are losing control of the game, it might be better to take a break, walk away with some of the money and live to play poker another day.